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The Best Kind of Fruit

A few days ago, I mentioned a couple of acronyms. In my writing that day I learned that “Canola” is also an acronym.

Canola stands for “Canadian Oil, Low Acid” (and you should not be using it in my humble opinion).

I was told by a health advisor/coach a few years ago that Canola Oil should not be part of my diet. She did not give a lot of specifics and it wasn’t until this week that I realized how bad it can be for us.

Canola oil is made from the rapeseed plant, and it is now believed that rapeseed has a cumulative effect, taking almost 10 years before symptoms begin to manifest!

One possible effect of long-term use is the destruction of the protection coating surrounding your nerves called the myelin sheath. It would be like having raw, open wires in the body.

Some symptoms include:

· tremors and shaking

· incoordination when walking or writing

· slurred speech

· deterioration of memory and thinking processes

· fuzzy or low audio levels

· difficulty urinating/incontinence

· breathing problems/short of breath

· nervous breakdown

· numbness and tingling in extremities

· heart problems/arrhythmia

From a nutritional perspective, canola oil has been found to deplete Vitamin E. It tends to inhibit proper metabolism of foods and normal enzyme function and it depresses the immune system. (Source:

Good food. Bad food. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is good for us and what is not. And, what might be good for one person, does not have the same effect on the next person.

Remember when eggs were bad for us? Then ‘they’ changed their minds.

What about Coconut Oil?

Coconut oil was stigmatized after flawed studies decades ago tested partially hydrogenated coconut oil for its ill effects. It turns out that unrefined coconut oil offers terrific health benefits!

What about salt?

We were probably all told that salt is bad for us, that it raises blood pressure and causes hypertension (and certainly too much salt will) but that same health coach shared with me how important salt is in our diets. Sea Salt, at least 1/8 teaspoon a day is critical for our body…especially if you do not want leg cramps. (I should mention here that according to the American Heart Association, the human body only needs 200 milligrams of sodium per day to function properly, yet the average American consumes a whopping 3,436 milligrams daily. Yes, that will be a problem!)

One more.

This fruit was given a bad rap back in the 1970’s, but some nutritionists now rank it as the #3 superfood behind leafy greens and cruciferous veggies such as cabbage. The mighty avocado. (And yes, it is a fruit.)

I remember years ago being told avocados contained too much fat and should be avoided. Turns out they do have a substantial amount of fat, more than 20 grams, but it is the GOOD fat, the monounsaturated fat which we now know has many health benefits.

I believe God gave us the avocado. Genesis 1:29. We will come back to that.

Avocados are among the richest source of vitamins and minerals, offering nearly 20 in each serving. Avocados help fight inflammation, promote eye health, prevent diabetes, lower bad cholesterol, promote hair and skin health, strengthen bones, improve your digestive health, regulate blood pressure, provide an energy boost, fire up the immune system, have more potassium than bananas, and may fight off cancer…too name a few.

And, according to a study of over 17,500 people, regular avocado eaters were found to be much healthier that others. Specifically, the former group had lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. (Source:

Okay, let’s go back. Back in time, to week number one.

Jesus has just finished creating the planet earth. The world is filled with fish and birds and plants and trees and streams and rivers and lakes and animals, and two people. These living beings will need to eat. And the God said, “…See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food”; and it was so.” Genesis 1:29-30 NKJV

Humans were given every herb that yields seed and every tree whose fruit yields seeds.

Animals were given every green herb for food.

The Creator: The Master Designer, knew what our created bodies would need for fuel, for strength, for health. Sadly, most have gotten so far away from the original plan.

Pastor Doug with Amazing Facts would take calls on a program titled Bible Questions. A caller asked, “What was God’s original diet in the Garden of Eden?” Pastor Doug answered with some additional info that I had never taken into consideration.

“…if you look in the book of Genesis, it tells us in chapter 2, that God gave man to eat from the ground basically a diet of fruits, grains, nuts, and that would include legumes.

“After sin, God said that man was also to eat the herb of the field, which is the King James’ way of saying “vegetables” as the beasts do.

“The original diet for man before sin was fruits, grains, and nuts. After sin, it was not only the fruit of the plant, but the plant itself, which would be the roots, the leaves, the stalk – that would be vegetables…”

I thought to myself, “No wonder some people hate their veggies. It was never intended to be a part of the diet before sin.” 😊

Friend, food is gift from God, but not everything man has come up with is food. At least not food that is good for the body.

I am anxiously waiting the return of our Savior. I look forward with great anticipation that banquet table that awaits us. Our Creator had an original plan, and I cannot wait to experience that plan as we step into eternity.

Jesus said, “and I assign to you, as my Father assigned to me, a kingdom, that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom…” Luke 22:29-30 ESV

by Jeanette Stark – Thursday, September 15, 2022

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