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Small Town Super Star

I was in radio for close to 28 years. The first time I was introduced in a public setting it was truly shocking. We were hosting a semi-famous singer at the outdoor amphitheater at a local college. We had vendors and an opening act and hundreds of people who were there by our invitation.

Someone went out first to go over the rules: No smoking in the bowl; no rolling down the hill; the bathrooms are on the right etc. And then he introduced me, as I was to do the official welcome. The crowd went wild, my mind blank, I turned and stared at a co-worker behind the stage and then felt myself moving forward. A mic was placed in my hands and as I stared at smiling faces, clapping hands, pumping fists, people on their feet hooting and hollering my name. All I could think to say was “For me??” Everyone laughed and we got down to business, but it was weird. It didn’t feel right. I certainly did not feel worthy of all that praise and adoration. I mean, it was just little ol’ me. I did my job in a comfy studio with very little interaction with the outside world. To see so many people, so happy to see me, really hit home what an impact we can have on people.

I was standing in line at a local coffee kiosk after placing my order when the guy right behind me leaned around and said, “You’re not Jeanette Stark, are you?” He had recognized my voice. That was weird. It’s just me. No high school education. Ex-drug abuser. Unsure and a little bit shy. He saw someone else.

The waitress who after realizing who I was, put her hands flat together, and bowed several times saying, “I’m not worthy; I’m not worthy.” It was a joke of course but it was also her way of saying “I listen to you, and I like you.” My sister, who was with me, busted up laughing. It was weird to her. She knew me only as her big sis, not some small-town super star.

A local establishment named a coffee drink after me. I was on air from 9am to 2pm and was known as “The Lady of the Midday”. The coffee drink was called “Midday Madness” in my honor.

A restaurant in north Grants Pass named a salad after our radio station and even had it printed on their menus. Ya, we were kind of a big deal back in the day.

I’ve been to concerts with 20,000 other people all to see the band in-person; to be in the same space as your favorite singer.

Basketball, hockey, football, soccer, tennis, music, fighting, wrestling, all these activities garner huge crowds of people showing their allegiance through colors, clothing, and banners.

Allegiance is loyalty, faithfulness, devotion, bond, and dedication.

Isaiah 45:23 shows us a clear picture of God pledging His allegiance to us. “I have sworn by Myself; the word has gone out of My mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that to Me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall take an oath.”

When God said, “I have sworn by Myself” He was taking, or making, the highest and most solemn oath possible. In other words what He has said cannot be revoked. It cannot be changed or taken back. His words will stand forever.

He alone is worthy of our praise. His love for us and His allegiance with us begs the question, “Will you accept His gift today?”

“Lord, you are my God;

I will exalt you and praise your name,

for in perfect faithfulness

you have done wonderful things,

things planned long ago.” Isaiah 25:1 NIV

The only One that deserves our allegiance is Jesus Christ; give it to Him today not some other human being.

by Jeanette Stark – Thursday, October, 6, 2002

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